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Stories of Hope

Because of you, children are given life, families are created, and hearts are healed

Ava's story

Ava arrived with her daughter in tow, looking anxious and tired. When the test confirmed her pregnancy, she slowly shook her head.


"This can't be happening again." 


Her boyfriend was pressuring her to have an abortion, but she felt unsure of how to proceed. She felt overwhelmed taking care of a rambunctious toddler and unsupported by the child's father. 

“If I choose to have this baby, I will be all alone. I don't think I can go through this again."


We talked about her options and shared with her information on fetal development, helping her understand and connect with the life growing inside of her. Our staff loved on her and assured her she was not alone. 

At her follow-up appointment, Ava shared that she had broken up with her boyfriend because he wanted her to have an abortion and she decided to choose life for her child.

“It was hard, but I had to do it for myself and my baby.”


She told her best friend and family members about the pregnancy and was relieved to know they supported her. She also shared how grateful she was for the Hope team by her side. We prayed with her before she left 
and assured her we would continue to walk through this together. Before leaving, Ava thanked the staff for helping her be brave.


“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to connect with my baby and show me how strong I can be for my daughters."

*Name changed to protect confidentiality.*

help save lives

Because of you, stories like Ava's exist. Families exist. As we add medical services and ultrasound appointments, we know that stories like hers will increase ten-fold. Join us in advancing a culture of hope and providing life-giving alternatives to abortion. 

Let's save lives together.

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